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The learner always begins by finding fault, but the scholar sees the positive merit in everything.

December 2023

  • Researchers and practitioners in management are paying close attention to the relationship between employer branding and employee retention. Employer branding, which combines the two important organizational sectors of branding and human resources, is one strategy for increasing an organization's value. Together, they provide a more accurate picture of the most effective strategy for attracting and keeping the necessary workers. The study uses a sample of 105 respondents from various hotels and examines seven employer branding attractiveness aspects. The study found that the seven company branding factors have a beneficial effect on employee retention.

  • The aim of the study is to examine the implication of digital marketing in consumer purchase decision and to find out that the consumers are aware of digital marketing and the digital channels influence in their purchase decision. The study is carried out through survey from50 respondents. The results of the survey are analysed using chi square test. The findings revealed that customers are aware of digital marketing, and they prefer to by electronic and shopping goods through digital channels in their purchase behaviour. The study is performed in a particular geographical area, and this may be considered as a limitation to judge the purchase decisions of all customers of various regions. As the world moving towards digital era, the digital channels play vital role in increase of sales of any firm’s products. So, the present study tried to reveal the impact of digital marketing on customer purchase decision.

  • This paper emphasizes the perception of teachers towards the factors affecting the success of college students in Mathematics subject. Using descriptive research design and convenience non-probability sampling method, data was collected from 70 professors of Saurashtra University teaching in BCOM and BBA faculty. Factor analysis is used in the study. Student attitude, Comfort in the class, Parent’s Involvement, Student’s interest in the subject and teacher’s attitude are the factors that affect the success of BCOM and BBA college students in Mathematics subject in the Saurashtra region.

  • A sound banking sector is important necessity for a prosperous economy. The poor banking sector may have an adverse effect on the all sectors of economy like Industry, agriculture and service. Currently NPA in the banking sector is debated topic because NPAs are increasing years by years and specially in public sector banks. Recently government has done mergers of several public sector banks to reduce the burden of NPAs but still the banking sector is under the burden of NPAs. The mammoth amount of NPAs are seriously affecting the performance of banks as well as economy of country. An attempt is made to study the reason behind increasing NPAs. The main objective of this paper is to study the impact of NPAs on Indian economy. A strong banking sector diverts the savings into the investment. An increasing NPAs have a negative effect on the profitability and performance of banks, it reduces the GDP and Growth of economy of country and adversely affect all sectors of Country.

  • The lifeblood of the economy is money which managed by the banks. The banks of any country have directly relation with economic growth of the country. The bank provides various services with modern time advances. The individual who considers opening a bank account has various options from the list of banks which are providing similar services regulated by RBI. The current research attempts to identify the factors that has more influence on the mind of the customers of Jamnagar city. The study was conducted on the people of the Jamnagar and study revealed that the bank staff behaviour is most influencing factor while selecting a bank.

  • HDFC Housing Finance Ltd. (HDFC Housing) stands as a pillar of the Indian housing finance sector, consistently demonstrating strong financial performance and a commitment to ethical business practices. This paper delves into the specific corporate governance practices employed by HDFC Housing, analysing their role in its sustained success, and exploring potential areas for further improvement. The study adopts a qualitative approach, utilizing HDFC Housing's annual reports, corporate governance disclosures, regulatory documents, and relevant scholarly literature to understand its governance framework and its impact on performance.

JUNE 2023

  • India is a country of around continuous civilisation where seem civilisation is running since it started. In abroad spectrum if we analyse post covid pandemic conditions, this age is known as era of information and awareness because of excessive usage of media and advertisement etc. During this pandemic timings Ayurvedic medicines and healthcare products has played a vital role in supporting medicinal care. This research is to evaluate awareness of respondent along with their preferences and reasons for the purchase of Ayurvedic products in Gujarat region

  • The purpose of this study is to measure employee engagement practices and employee fairness in brasspart industry in the state of Gujarat. Descriptive research design is used in this study. Formulated hypothesis were tested by sample based methods, using questionnaire and convenience sampling method. A sample size of 100 employees from brasspart industry was analyzed using chi square test to test the proposed hypothesis. Findings of the study indicate that employee engagement practices at brasspart industry follows all the norms and activities in order to engage the employee and retains them.

  • Narcissism is a personality disorder characterized by a life-long pattern of exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, a diminished ability or unwillingness to empathize with others' feelings, and interpersonally exploitative behavior. Narcissistic personality disorder is one of the sub-types of the broader category known as personality disorders. It is often comorbid with other mental disorders and associated with significant functional impairment and psychosocial disability. This research paper will explore a particular personality called narcissistic. From this research, the reader will learn about narcissistic personality and overcoming this false ego through spiritual awakening.

  • Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies of the world, however, the growth is skewed, and all sections of the society do not enjoy all the benefits equally. A large population still lives below the poverty line and have no or minimum access to financial services. Government of India has launched various schemes for providing financial services like credit, investments, and insurance. This research was conducted to find out the awareness levels for such schemes among the customers of Cooperative Banks and Gramin Banks of Jamnagar city. A structured questionnaire was created, and data was collected from 101 customers of Cooperative Banks and Gramin Banks from Jamnagar. The research concluded that mostly customers were aware about PMJDY compared to other government schemes. Interestingly, the finding revealed that there is no significance difference in level of awareness about government’s financial inclusion schemes among male and female customers

  • The study of various Candlestick Patterns, Chart Patterns, Support & Resistance, Demand & Supply Psychology, and several other indicators is known as technical analysis. It not only includes such patterns but also considers using some of the statistical tests. Accurately predicting the stock market is very difficult, but technical analysis greatly assists a lot in making it simpler to anticipate the market to a certain extent to make profit by navigating along with statistical analysis and behavioral economics to know when to enter or exit a trade.


  • This research paper tries to study and analyze the level of customer satisfaction towards the services provided by Nawanagar Co-Operative Bank Digvijay Plot (DP) Branch. Nawanagar Co-operative Bank is one of the leading co-operative bank in Jamnagar region. The key for retaining clients/customers is customer satisfaction. The primary objective of this study it to identify the satisfaction level amongst the customers of bank. The sample size of this research is 100. Non-probability sampling method is used for this research. Questionnaire method was used for gathering primary data from customers. Interview with the customers were conducted to know their view about services. The primary data collected was tested with single way Anova testing method to know its reliability. The findings of this study shows that overall the customers are satisfied with different banking services. It was found that majority of respondents are having savings and current account in bank. The bank has good infrastructure with all necessary equipments. Customers are satisfied with employees of bank as they feel their queries are heard and solved by employees. Though customers feel that there is need of improvement in net banking facility, locker facility, ATM services, etc Findings include that no deal with sales people and updates on brands are the most influential factors for men, whereas reviews of friends and family, discounts and updates on brands are the most influential factors for women.

  • In an intensely competitive environment, it becomes very crucial for any organization to maintain and enhance professional relations with its customers. This will help the organization in retaining and generating loyalty amongst its customer. However, considering the number of competitors and the huge product assortment, it is very difficult to create loyal customers in today’s’ time. One good strategy to gain a set of loyal customers is by building a brand that is perceived ethical by the customers. An ethical brand can assist an organization to gain the trust, love and confidence of the customers which in turn will make the latter more loyal towards the brand and will also help the organization in earning higher profits

  • To cope up with today’s intense competition, understanding factors that can affect employee’s job satisfaction is pertinent. The aim of this paper is to ascertain the impact of perceived organizational trust on job satisfaction in automotive industry. The research population is comprised of the employees of automotive industry in Haryana while the sample of research includes 122 employees belonging 11 chosen companies. The statistical tools used for the purpose of data analysis are linear regression and ANOVA analysis. The finding from regression analysis was that the two variables: Organizational Trust and Job Satisfaction are relatable and organizational trust is a useful predictor of job satisfaction. The ANOVA analysis concludes that there is no significant difference in the employees’ level of job satisfaction based on their work experience and gender. Considering the above research findings, managerial implications are also reflected in the study.

  • Undoubtedly, teachers/ instructors play vital role in making successful life. Everyone who has been educated directly or indirectly by teachers’ witness success in life. Teachers are the one who have soft corner and love children after parents. But teaching is very stressful, ever changing and demand lots of innovation in delivery of concepts, need lots of after job time works and at a same time less supported professions. Due to high stress and ever changing teaching scenario it requires less availability of quality teacher or high burden of work on quality teachers. In reality there are more than 40% of school teachers fell high level of work stress and problem in maintaining work life balance. Now a day’s lots of importance are given on students well-being and very less focus has been given to the teachers’ wellbeing. In addition to that whenever teachers’ well-being is taken into consideration it is very briefly defined by the policy maker and sometimes neglected. (Roberts A., Kim H) it is also said that the teachers who are more into stress are less likely to make good relationship with their students. Often well-being is classified as good health or absence of bad health or no stress however well-being can be characterized by more than that.

  • The education as well as the market scenario is changing very fast. A decade ago, those individuals who had a brilliant academic record with added work experience were well sought after by most of the corporate institutions. But today hard skills and experience are not sufficient enough for the ingress and escalation in the corporate world. Employers prefer to hire and promote those persons who are resourceful, ethical, and self directed with good communication/ soft skills. Dearth of soft skills in the candidates has resulted in low hiring by corporate. In spite of such great significance of soft skills, many management colleges are reluctant to incorporate soft skills training in the curriculum of management courses. This paper is based on an empirical study conducted between students regularly exposed to soft skills sessions and those who are deprived of the same .

JUNE 2022

  • Gujarat state having high number of Internet users have shown interest in online purchasing. Social media being more active now a days have helped companies to reach customers swiftly and efficiently. Factors affecting gender role in online purchase through social media in Gujarat state have been studied through cross sectional descriptive design with sample size of 71 using non-probability convenience sampling technique. It has been noted that there is a significant relationship between the gender role and online purchase through social media. Findings include that no deal with sales people and updates on brands are the most influential factors for men, whereas reviews of friends and family, discounts and updates on brands are the most influential factors for women.

  • Family managed business have a key share in Indian Economy. The country has seen many businesses turning into giant groups such as Tatas, Birlas, Godrej, Ambanis, Mittals, Mahindra, Adanis, etc. When it comes to Family Managed Business the key concern is creation of personal wealth and its conservation. This leads to high level of dedication and commitment. A robust change is witnessed in the Family Managed Business model as the young generation of each family is well qualified, seeks for international growth, tries to implement professionalization and adapts to the ever-changing demands of the growing economy.

  • In today’s scenario, most of the companies use packaging as an important marketing tool. Packaging is very crucial in marketing as it is the best way for companies to get the consumers notice products. Packaging is more than just your product's pretty face. The packaging and labels can be used by marketers to encourage potential buyers to purchase the product. A common use of packaging is marketing. The objective of this study is to determine the components that play an important role on consumer’s buying behavior. The objective of this research is to find out the main significant factors related with the packaging effect, which are driving the success of a brand. Companies in order to create the right packaging for their products, they must understand the consumer buying process and understanding the role and the impact of packaging as a variable that can influence the purchase decision. So, by understanding what factors influence the buying behavior and what packaging elements are most important help companies making the right decisions about packaging their products. This research will identify the relationship between consumer buying process as the main variable of the study and some independent variables like packaging color, printed information, packaging material, design of wrapper, printed information, brand image, and innovation and practicality that help consumers in their decision buying process.

  • Purpose: Work Life Balance is important for human sustainability. The objective of this study is to identify the factors affecting work life balance and impact of those factors on male and female. This paper also aids in understanding the factors which help them to balance work and personal life of employees. Methodology: A sample of 122 banking professionals from Gujarat has been covered for this research. The primary data has been collected using structured questionnaire method. Findings: It was found that Emotional Intelligence, Healthy working conditions and colleagues support significantly contributes to Work Life Balance of employees. And there is a significant relationship between male and female and work life balance factors. Spouse support is a major influencing factor for male employees while supervisor support is a major influencing factor for female employees. Practical implications: This study will help the policy maker to frame policy regarding work life balance. Again through this study management can identify which factors affect the individual to manage work and life.

  • The modern India, whose foundations has been built on the concepts of Gandhian economics. So many thinkers have many times discussed about Gandhian philosophy of economics, they have written so many things and the policy are talked about so many a times but when it comes to implement, it is observed that people think that the implementation of Gandhian principles are difficult to be implemented or it is rather an out-of-date concept which cannot be practically implemented, or it is hypothetical. Seven and half decades down the line, India today faces all kinds of problems across the segments of the population and across the length and breadth of the country. The fusion of the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi with the ideas of the modern world would create a more complete and multicultural holistic society. It would deliver more happiness, generate more selfless economic surplus, and bring about a more democratic society than what is now available to us.


  • In today’s modern era, individuals are seemed to be lonely. Online game attracts the individual and affects the health mentally and physically. Despite many problems, individual still continue with playing games. An individual become highly enthusiastic about gaming. Being a kid or an adult, every one is addicted towards online games. This paper have explored individuals need for online interaction and factors influencing addiction of online game. Survey was conducted through a questionnaire filled up by 98 responses using Statistical tools.

  • The pharmaceutical industry has been on the rise since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in India, the largest producer of generic drugs globally. With a market size of $55 billion during the beginning of 2020, it has been surging in India, exporting Hydroxychloroquine to the world, esp. to the US, UK, Canada, and the Middle-East. The objective of the study was to identify the movement before and after of Janata curfew with selected 10 pharma company stock movement. This research work is focusing on Indian pharmaceutical industries & top 10 stocks return during the pandemic covid-19. In this research the data has been collected through secondary basis, all the prices and returns of shares has been collected through www.nseindia.com. With the help of price & returns one can easily identify the situation of pharmaceutical industries in India. The main objectives of this project report is to specify how much (%) return the investors should gain in how many time period from pharmaceutical shares.

  • Consumer market for apparel has become more diverse by designer brands, store brands, personalization, advertising, and ethnicity in the global marketplace. Shifts in the cultural values, consumer preferences, and purchase intentions towards branded products is arguably the most critical issue faced by the marketing managers today. This study focuses to understand the consumer behavior towards branded clothing apparel in today’s increasingly competitive markets. The research study is descriptive because it aims to describe the value consumers attach to certain attributes in order to interpret clothing when making purchase decisions. The scope of this study is limited to studying Consumer buying Behaviour towards Branded Clothing Apparel in the state of Gujarat in the city of Jamnagar in India. Primary data has been collected through questionnaire by using non-probability convenient sampling method. Major findings include that Advertisement influences people to buy brands, Majority buy branded apparels when there are offers and that Age and consumer preference towards branded apparels are independent with each other

  • Learning a language does not only mean studying four skills of proficiency, but also understanding the system of rules underlying. Grammar teaching has always been a very debatable topic in the field of second language acquisition. Whether or not to teach grammar remains an unresolved issue. Students and learners need grammar integrated into communicative activities to reach both fluency and accuracy. In this respect, learners’ attitudes towards grammar are also crucial. The main objective of this study is to determine English language learners’ attitudes towards grammar and to analyze their attitudes. The data were collected from 300 students of G.H.G. D.D.N. college students through a questionnaire. The results show that the majority of the students in this study appreciated the value of grammar. This study suggests some implications for teachers and language teaching and learning in general.

  • The 200 or more years of the British rule in India has left Indians in a dilemma as far as language is concerned. India is already home to several regional languages and English only adds to the number. The people too are divided in their opinion about the language, on the one hand some think the vernacular should be encouraged and on the other some think that ignoring English will lead to lack of progress and advancement of the state. So, in this way, English attains an elevated position of being an indispensable part of a life that is looking for progress or for status. These two opinions have given rise to two sections of educational systems the Government and the Private. In India English has been taught as a second language and is treated more as a subject than as a language that is more expressive and versatile. Moreover, the translation method gives rise to many problems in syntax, pronunciation and vocabulary. The need for English today is felt more in the professional world where the English Learners are adults who lack confidence to speak, those who are not oriented to reading and writing in English and lack the art of learning, in such a case learning English becomes a very daunting task, yet one can see that the Indians are doing well in ESL.

  • Mental health of the students is very interesting topic throughout the world. The complete performance of the student depends on his mental health. There is no proven treatment to manage the Novel corona virus disease. As its spreading rate is increasing day by day, lockdown is the only option available to slowdown the rate of spreading the infection. The examinations were postponed due to the lockdown effect and in this situation many students were experiencing mental stress and there is a strong need to study their mental health status. There is need of psychiatrist, in this context to keep the mental balance of the students. The findings of the research also reveals that students preferred offline mode of teaching as compared to the online form, inspite of the fact that they enjoyed comfortable sessions from there comfort zone.

  • Purpose: Work Life Balance is a critical issue for an individual employee and as well for organization. The literature suggestsfive factors namely Demographic Factors (Age, Gender, Marital Status, and Family Size, Dependents at home, Support of Spouse and Spouse’s working arrangements.) Supportive Work Culture (Support from Superior, Support from Peers, Support from Subordinates and Years of Experience.) Working Conditions (working in shifts, Overtime and Work pressure.) Work Provisions and travelling distance from work that significantly affect the Work Life Balance of Professionals. This study aims to understand the impact of Demographic variables on balancing work and personal life of employees. Methodology: A sample of 100 banking professionals from saurashtra region has be covered for this research. . The primary data has been collected using structured questionnaire method. Findings: It was found that so there is an association the demographic factors like age, gender, marital status, experience, income and type of family and work life balance. It was also concluded that there is no association between the educational qualification of the respondents and the work life balance.

JUNE 2021

  • The adverse impact of COVID-19 Pandemic have been observed worldwide. All the sectors whether agriculture, industry or service sector have equally affected due to this COVID-19 pandemic. In this paper researcher have tried to assess the adverse impact of COVID-19 on MSME sector of India, as this sector is very much important and provides huge amount of employment opportunities in our country. At last researcher have also suggested number of strategies to counter this COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • In the modern era of digitalization, Networking & Wireless networks come in ICT (Information and Communication Technology), Wireless communication is open and insecure and it's very hard to keep our data confidential from intruders but this problem can be resolved by using strong cryptosystems. Cryptosystems are very useful to protect information. Cryptography plays an important role to provide different kinds of security to the user.

  • The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors affecting the decision of buying mobile phone devices in Gujarat. Mobile phone has acquired utmost importance in recent time to that extent that almost everyone would have at least one phone. Even small children also would have one phone as they also must study in online classes due to Corona, Covid-19 pandemic situations. In such case, the findings may be used by marketers to design marketing strategy for mobile instrument. To accomplish the objectives of the study, a sample of 168 consumers were taken by using simple random sampling technique by online survey.

  • In today's world people are used to communicating using different social media platforms and with some digital mediums. They share their memories, events, views, thoughts, opinion and sentiments. In this paper we have reviewed different researches based on natural language processing to analyze sentiments and mental health. Natural language processing with machine learning techniques gives good results in identifying mental illness like depression, anxiety and sentiments through posts of users over micro blogging sites. This study has also found that improved Lexicon dictionaries, world embedding and stop word removal also needed while processing data for research.NLP and machine learning techniques like SVM, naive bayes, logical regression can automate sentiment and mental illness identification by analyzing social media communication of users.

  • Now days, Facebook is used more effectively and efficiently. Its platform has been highly used to explore and get inspired. Shopping through social media has highly increased. Influence of Facebook applications have been investigated and the activities influencing the consumer purchase intention have been focused. Insights of consumer’s notice of their peer activities on Facebook have been provided. Influence of Like, Share and Comment on purchase intention have been resulted through the survey of 120 Facebook users using Statistical tools. This paper also contributes a vigil to the marketers about the consumers purchase and suggests for the quality improvement.

  • A balanced diet is one that provides the body with all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to maintain cells, tissues and organs, as well as to work properly. A diet lacking in nutrients can lead to many different health problems ranging from tiredness and lack of energy to serious problems with function vital organs and lack of growth and development. Carbohydrates, fats and proteins provide energy. Protein is an energy supplier in an emergency but are mainly used as building blocks of growth and the repair of many body tissues. We also need a lot smaller amounts of other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Despite the small quantities required, these are essential for ensuring a healthy diet. The aim of the study is to know the awareness of balance diet and eating practices among students.

  • We are currently in the midst of a worldwide trial that has changed our lives beyond recognition. The pandemic of Corona Virus (COVID-19) has affected our country greatly. When the system is busy testing, preventing transmission, finding vaccines, putting the health and sanitization in order a great deal of mental wellbeing and psychological problems in adjusting to the current lifestyles and fear of the disease has not been attended to. This research aims at assessing the psychological impact of and life lessons learned from Pandemic COVID-19. Exploratory research design has been used for this study. Primary data has been conducted through questionnaire by taking a sample size of 200 by non-probability convenience sampling method. Findings reveal that demographic profile makes no impact on the psychology of respondents due to various reasons.


  • Twenty first century is the world of 'Internet'. We get connected to our buddies through internet. Social Networking Site has facilitated us to connect to a person sitting far away from us. Personal and professional information can be gained through such sites. These sites have become very common among individuals of all age. Today there are many sites that influence modern human living aspects. The paper focus on the impact of social networking sites on professionals. The study gives emphasis on the sites that is used by mostly by professionals. The study is descriptive in nature. Survey was conducted of 100 professionals in and around Jamnagar district. The sample size was limited to 100 mainly due to the paucity of cost and time. The data was collected through a structured questionnaire and face to face interview.

  • Increasing awareness on various environmental problems has led a shift in the way consumers live their life. They are concerned about the environment and are changing their behavioral pattern and thus, there has been a change in consumer approaches and preference. Majority of them feel that environmentfriendly products are safe to use. Efforts are being made to reduce the impact on the environment and to fight against ecological issues. As a result, green marketing has emerged, which aims at marketing sustainable and socially-responsible products and services. Organizations and business over the world have seen this change in consumer approaches and are trying to gain an edge in the competitive market by developing the prospects in the green market industry. This research paper highlights the concept of green marketing in the initial part. Then paper focuses on prominence of Green Marketing in the globalized era. Further it focuses on various trials and opportunities generated due to the advancement of the concept Green Marketing. Lastly it places interest in the Green Marketing practices fulfilled by the Indian companies.

  • The purpose of this paper is to understand and analyze the proposed Goods and Service Tax (GST) structure and make concerned people aware about it. The researcher has tried to minimize the complexity of this topic and attempted to present the topic in a way easy to understand and simplified. Also, so far no authoritative details about GST structure and implementation thereof have been issued by the Government. This paper is complied on the basis of information available from The Constitution 122nd Amendment Bill, 2014 passed by Lok Sabha and various draft reports issued by Expert Committee and Finance Commission

  • In current scenario, CSR has been gaining ground, revolving around the idea that what is good for the environment, the workers and the community is also good for the financial performance of the business. CSR is associated with the principles of sustainable development, according to which company should be obliged to make decisions based not only on financial / economic factors but also on the social, environmental and other consequences of their activities. Triple bottom line (TBL) considers the three parameters to gauge business performance that is- Economic, Environmental and Social factors. This paper studies CSR practices of Tata group using case method. The paper includes review of literature on CSR practices and then throws a light on various initiatives and business practices undertaken by the Tata group in relation to CSR.

  • Education is witnessing a sea change. The term teaching is to be replaced with learning. The shift from teacher being center of the classroom to the students being primary focus is the need of the hour. A variety of phrases have been coined to describe a critical shift in mission and purpose of higher education as Student Centered Learning which is juxtaposed as experiential learning, blended learning, collaborative learning, activity based learning, problem based learning, team based learning, active learning, etc. The shift from the teacher’s role as sage on the stage to the guide on the side. The shift from instruction and lecture delivery based teaching to learning environment where the mentor produce learning through student discovery and construction of knowledge is a prima facie in the current scenario.

  • Depreciation means diminution in the value of an asset due to wear and tear due to time. Depreciation is calculated annually based on the methods specified in the relevant statute. Companies Act prescribes two methods for calculating depreciation – Straight Line Method (SLM) and Written Down Value Method (WDV). Companies Act, 1956 specified rates of depreciation in Schedule XIV for SLM as well as WDV Method whereas Companies Act, 2013 specifies useful life of various class of assets in Schedule II, as a basis to determine the rate of depreciation under SLM, WDV or UOP (Unit of Production) method. As per Income Tax Act, 1961, it is mandatory to calculate depreciation as per Block of Assets criteria by following Written Down Value Method. The method of depreciation selected affects the profit as well as the carrying value of assets of an enterprise. The paper discusses the effects of these methods of depreciation used under two relevant statutes, on the financial statements of an Indian Company. The paper also analyzes the need of autonomy required under the Income Tax Act, to follow depreciation methods in line with the methods of depreciation to be used as per the governing statute. The paper emphasizes on the fact that the distinct methods of depreciation under the two relevant statutes namely the Companies Act and the Income Tax Act leads to a difference in the figures reported for accounting purpose and for taxation purpose. This difference can be removed if the methods of depreciation coincide under both relevant statutes.

  • “A service is any act of performance that one party can offer to another party that is essentially Not tangible and will never result in the ownership of anything”. The service sector in India is growing at a very fast rate. In the present competitive business scenario, companies are offering a wide range of services to the customers and seeking to develop a reputation by superior performance in service delivery and customer satisfaction. Product and service quality, customer satisfaction and company profitability are well connected. In order to increase the customer satisfaction, companies are moving towards adopting total quality management principles. Total Quality Management (TQM) is an organization-wide approach for improving the quality of all the organization’s processes, products and services. Originally it was developed for manufacturing industry. Today, the service industry requires effective implementation of TQM process since services are given to consumers as soon as they are produced by the provider. The primary goal of this paper is to decide the applicability of total quality management in service marketing. This paper will allow the user to rocognise what is service marketing and what is the need of total quality management in it? This paper is including various instances of service sector companies which are implementing or seeking to implement the notion of total quality management in their business. In the end, this paper will conclude the pros & cons of implementing TQM in service marketing. Total quality management is extremely necessary for the different organizations thus the issues which are directly or indirectly related with total quality management are included in this paper.

  • Indian Automobile small car business is influenced by the presence of many national and multinational and multinational manufactures after liberalization in 1991. The presence of the many manufacturers and variants within the city provides several decision options to the customers as they supply similar product proposition, creating the passenger automotive small car market highly competitive Customers now search for those differentiating parameters, which may help them to choose among the alternative products available in the market. The purpose of this paper is to come with the identification of parameter that influence the customer purchase preference behavior patterns of passenger automobile small car owners within the city of Jamnagar. Of greatest interest to the current study is the impact of demographic variables and income affecting the vehicle selection of small cars..

  • The rapid transformation in the banking industry over the last decade has made the industry stronger, cleaner, transparent, efficient, faster, disciplined and a lot more competitive. The banking industry in India has a huge canvas of history, which covers the traditional banking practices from the time of Britishers to the reforms period, nationalization to privatization of banks and now increasing numbers of foreign banks in India. This research aims to analysis Reason Behind the Down Fall of share Price of Yes bank and its impact on the efficiency of Yes Bank. through some measurements, Market Reviews & Updates and Financial Analysis. YES BANK is founded in 2004. The founder of yes bank are Rana Kapor and Ashokbhai kapor. Headquarters of this bank is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Yes bank providing product like credit cards, consumer banking, corporate banking, finance and insurance, mortgage loans, Private banking, wealth management, investment banking . Yes bank limited derives most of its revenue through arranging syndicated loans and through corporate Banking. Yes bank received “India’s fastest growing bank of the year “award the Bloomberg UTV financial leadership awards 2011. YES BANK has been ranked no .1 for exemplary performance in digital payments across public, private, foreign and payment banks in India by ministry of electronics & information technology. In the study of analysis of Reason Behind Down fall of Share Price of Yes Bank we found both Effects for future i.e. Positive and negative. We measured some Ratios, analyses Financial Statements of Yes bank and compare with past years, and studied some issues of Yes Bank and its Results.

  • The purpose of this paper is to contribute to the design of e-wallets. e-wallets are intended to replace the existing physical wallet, with its notes, coins, photos, plastic cards, loyalty cards etc. Four different user groups, including teenagers, young adults, mothers and businessmen, has been involved in process of identifying, developing and evaluating functional and design properties of ewallets. Interviews and formative usability evaluations have provided data for the construction of first a conceptual model in the form of sketches, and later a functional model in the form of low-fidelity mockups. During the design phases, knowledge was gained on what properties the test users would like the mobile wallet to hold and the properties implemented in four prototypes. The identified properties have been clustered as ‘Functionality properties’ and ‘Design properties’, which are theoretical contributions to the ongoing research in mobile wallets.

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Dr. Snehal Kotak Palan

Qualification : Ph.D., Inter CA, M.Com,
Designation : Campus Director
Organization : Shri Gosar Hansraj Gosrani Commerce (Eng.Med) & Shri D.D.Nagda B.B.A. College
Experience : 29 Years
Email : snehal.kotak@oshwaleducationtrust.org

Editorial Advisor

Prof. Pratapsinh Chauhan

Qualification : FDPM (IIM-A), Ph.D, M.Com., B.Com.
Designation : Vice Chancellor, Shri Govind Guru University
Organization : Shri Govind Guru University
Experience : 38+ Years
Email : prof.pratapsinh@gmail.com

Prof. Daksha Pratapsinh Chauhan

Qualification : Ph.D, M.Phil., M.Com., B.Com
Designation : Dean, Professor and Head Department of Commerce
Organization : Saurashtra University
Experience : 33+ Years
Email : dakshagohil2006@yahoo.co.in

Ms. Sandra Moss

Qualification : M.A. (Eng.),B.Ed.
Designation : Vice Principal
Organization : Shri Gosar Hansraj Gosrani Commerce (Eng.Med) & Shri D.D.Nagda B.B.A. College
Experience : 29 Years
Email : sandra.moss@oshwaleducationtrust.org

Managing Editor

Dr. Ajay Shah

Qualification : Ph.D., MBA, BE
Designation : Director & Professor
Organization : JVIMS-MBA & KBS-MCA College, Jamnagar
Experience : 20 Years
Email : ajay.shah@oshwaleducationtrust.org

Ms. Hetal Savla

Qualification : BE Computers
Designation : Incharge Principal
Organization : CZMG BCA College, Jamnagar
Experience : 20 Years
Email : hetal.savla@oshwaleducationtrust.org

Associate Editor

Dr. Chintan Vora

Qualification : Ph. D,M.Com, M.B.A., PGDIBO, UGC NET, SLET
Designation : Assistant Professor
Organization : Shri Gosar Hansraj Gosrani Commerce (Eng.Med) & Shri D.D.Nagda B.B.A. College
Experience : 12 Years
Email : chintan.vora@oshwaleducationtrust.org

Dr. Krunal Bhuva

Qualification : Ph.D. (Finance), M.B.A, P.G.D.B.M (Finance), M.com (Finance)
Designation : Associate Professor
Organization : Shri JVIMS-BTV-M.B.A College
Experience : 14 Years
Email : krunal.bhuva@oshwaleducationtrust.org

Editorial Board

Prof (Dr) Sanjay Bhayani

Qualification : FDPM, Ph.D., M.Phil., M.Com
Designation : Dean, Professor and Head Department of Business Management
Organization : Business Management Saurashtra University
Experience : 27 Years
Email : sjbhayani@sauuni.ac.in

CA Dr. Indrani Hazarika

Qualification : PhD, ACA, Qualified in UGC JRF NET, SAP certified in Business Process Integration, Certified in IFRS from ICAI, Senior Fellow HEA UK
Designation : Academic Program Chair for Accounting Program
Organization : HCT UAE MDubai Women’s Campus, HCT UAE
Experience : Teaching 22 years and Industry 5 years
Email : indranihazarika7@gmail.com

Dr. Hanuman Prasad

Qualification : Ph.D., MBA, FDP(IIMA), MJMC, BJMC
Designation : Director & Professor
Organization : Faculty of Management Studies M L Sukhadia University Udaipur Rajasthan
Email : profhanumanprasad@gmail.com

Dr. Gaurang Rami

Qualification : Ph.D., M Phil, MA (Economics), MA (Sociology), PGDRM
Designation : Professor at Department of Economics, VNGSU, Surat & Adjunct Professor at School of Graduate Studies, Mindnao State University, MSU-General Santos City Philippines
Organization : Veer Narmada South Gujarat University, Surat
Experience : 20 Years
Email : grami@vnsgu.ac.in

Dr. Jay Badiyani

Qualification : Ph.D., MBA-Marketing
Designation : Associate Professor and Coordinator of M. B. A. and Ph. D.
Organization : Department of Business Administration, Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar
Experience : 22 Years
Email : drjaybadiyani@gmail.com

Dr. Kaushal Bhatt

Qualification : Ph. D., M. Phil., MBA, M. Com
Designation : Associate Professor
Organization : Graduate School of Management Studies (GTU)
Experience : 15.5 Years
Email : kaushal.bhatt@gtu.edu.in

Dr. Prasanta Chatterjee Biswas

Qualification : Ph.D., M Sc (Statistics)
Designation : Associate Professor
Organization :GLS University
Experience : 23 Years
Email : pra_chat_bis@yahoo.com

Dr. Chetna G. Bhensadadiya

Qualification : M. A. M.Phil. Ph.D. DCS.
Designation : Principal.
Organization :Bhavan's Shree A.K.Doshi Mahila College, Jamnagar
Experience : 28 years
Email : bhensadadiyachetna@gmail.com

Dr. Urvashiba N. Jhala

Qualification : Ph. D, M.Com.
Designation : Associate Professor
Organization :V. M. Maheta Muni. Arts & Commerce College, Jamnagar-361002
Experience : 29 Years
Email : jhalaun04@gmail.com

Dr. Rajesh Faldu

Qualification : PhD, MBA, PGDIBO, BBA, CTE
Designation : Professor
Organization :JVIMS
Experience : 18 Years
Email : rajeshfaldu@yahoo.co.in

Dr. Gaurav N. Mehta

Qualification : PhD(Finance),MBA(Fin),M.CoM,PGDIBO,B.Pharm
Designation : Lecturer
Organization :Shri GHG Commerce & Shri DDN BBA College, Jamnagar
Experience : 15 Years
Email : mehtagaurav86@gmail.com

Dr. Krupa Trivedi

Qualification : PhD,MBA,M.com, FDP IIM Ahmedabad
Designation : Assistant professor
Organization :Shri Gosar Hansraj Gosrani commerce and D. D. Nagda BBA college
Experience : 10 years
Email : trivedikrupau@gmail.com

Mr. Bipin Rupadiya

Qualification : PHD(Pursuing), MCA, PGDCA, BCA
Designation : Assistant Professor
Organization :JVIMS-KBS MCA
Experience : 15 Years
Email : bipin.rupadiya@oshwaleducationtrust.org

Mr. Ashok Bantwa

Qualification : MBA(Finance), M. Com, UGC NET (JRF), CS Inter
Designation : Assistant Professor
Organization :Faculty of Management, GLS University, Ahmedabad
Experience : 12 Years
Email : ashok.bantwa@glsuniversity.ac.in

Ms. Sneha Sumaria

Qualification : M.B.A (Finance)
Designation : Assistant Professor
Organization : Shri Gosar Hansraj Gosrani Commerce (Eng.Med) & Shri D.D.Nagda B.B.A. College
Experience : 11 Years
Email : sneha.sumaria@oshwaleducationtrust.org

Mr. Keval Varia

Qualification : MBA (Finance), M . Com. (Banking & Finance)
Designation : Assistant Professor
Organization : Shri Gosar Hansraj Gosrani Commerce (Eng.Med) & Shri D.D.Nagda B.B.A. College
Experience : 4 Years
Email : keval.varia@oshwaleducationtrust.org


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Guidelines for Contributors

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.

    The paper should be typed in MS word.

    Title of the paper should be followed by name, e-mail, and affiliation of author(s).

    The paper should be the original work of the author/s and should not have been submitted for publication anywhere else.

    In case of Paper Presented /submitted in a conference/seminar, details must be clearly mentioned, and the author should specify with whom the copyright rests.

    Use a single Column layout with both left and right margins justified.

    Title: 18pt bold,
    Heading: 14pt bold,
    Main body: 11 pt.
    Style: Times New Roman

    To the extent possible, tables and figures should appear in the document near/after where they are referred in the text. Avoid the use of overly small type in tables. In no case should tables or figures be in a separate document or file.

    An Abstract of not more than 200 words is required.

    The Paper should start with an introduction and end with a conclusion summarizing the findings of the paper.

    References: It is the author’s obligation to provide complete references with the necessary information. List of all the references must be placed at the end of the manuscript.

    For June issue , submit your research paper before 1st may and for December issue submit your research paper before 1st November.

    All Manuscripts should be submited in electronic form and sent to : info.renaissance@oshwaleducationtrust.org

    Publication Fees : Rs. 1000/-


    1. What is the minimum eligibility for a candidate to submit the manuscript?
    i) There is no minimum eligibility required for the submission of papers. Any researchers/ scholars / academicians can submit the papers. ii) It is mandatory for the author to register and login on the website to submit manuscripts.

    2. Can the papers from any stream be submitted?

    3. Is the journal ABDC?/SCOPUS/ABS indexed?
    The common criterion for any journal to be indexed/ ranked by ABDC/SCOPUS/ABS is that the journal should have consistent publications for a minimum period of 3-4 years. We may expect it to get ranked after the period.

    4. Should the author pay or get paid for submitting the articles?
    The author of the manuscripts needs to pay Rs. 1,000 per paper for the submission and publication of the articles.

    5. Is there any deadline for the submission of manuscripts?
    Yes, for the June issue the deadline is 30th April and for the December issue the deadline is 30th October.

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